2 prenatal visits
-During these visits we will make a birth plan, we will discuss what to expect during labor, comfort measures, preferences, fears and newborn preparation.

-Unlimited text/call support

-Continuous support during your labor & birth and care after your baby is born for breastfeeding/ bonding support

1 postpartum visit
-During this visit you will receive a hot stone belly treatment and a postpartum kit. I will answer any questions that you may have


2 week Postpartum care

Whatever mom needs physically
-light housekeeping
-laundry & dishes
-meal prep
-baby care
-errand running

Whatever mom needs emotionally
-processing her birth
-making sure she’s okay
-encouraging her ability as a mother
-discussing worries & fears

Whatever mom needs to know
-breastfeeding support and trouble shooting
-newborn care
-any referrals mom might need for care

2 hot stone belly treatments
FAJA - belly wrap


I am on call 24/7 from week 37 until you deliver your baby. After early labor is established i will join you wherever you feel comfortable to labor, home or at your chosen birth place. i will be with you all throughout labor until your baby is born. 

After your baby is born i will stay for a few more hours to make sure you are comfortable and that baby is breastfeed or chestfeeding well. I'll leave you and baby to bond and see you at your postpartum visit or 2 week postpartum care.

includes both pregnancy/Birth & Postpartum Support packages.



Every mother has a different journey. I want to give you options on how I can best support you. Whether it’s just for your birth, after baby or for you to be able to have me through both events.