I’m a wife and mother of three daughters. But first Im Alexandrea (you can call me Alex) I'm a Utah native born and raised, but I have always had the love of travel. Going new places and breathing new air is something I crave so I am always searching for the next best place. I've lived in Arizona & Nevada and we just recently found our way back home to Utah. I have a deep love for the desert and redrocks and Utahs fall weather. I became a Doula after my own experience because I found myself supporting and guiding women through their pregnancies and after baby haze, through all hours of the day. I have created relationships through social media based off motherhood and the answers I had for them. It's kinda my passion to hold and support women and it's already within me. 

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These are my beautiful girls I wouldn't be who I am without them! they made me a mother, and I found my way through alot of dark moments with them in my arms. Growing up I never envisioned children, let alone 3 daughters. They turned my world upside down and after each baby my world felt more complete. 



These 3 love adventure, roadtripping or flying on a plane to anywhere but home we call it the Gypsy blood, they get that from me! They have the greatest bond and I hope its bond that lasts their lifetime. They each have unique personalities just like their names.
Their birth experience led me to Doula work, they made me a Doula!



I met the love of my life my senior year of high school we married at 18 & 20 literal babies (: he is my biggest cheerleader and supports anything I am involved in. He is super hands on and passionate with me about anything this life has to offer. We've made every house a home, we've birthed our babies together, we've grown up and learned together. He is my best friend and I am sure you'll get to know him just as well! 

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